2012, 30'


Un cuento de Mario Levrero y una casa mítica en el Delta del Paraná conspiran para dar forma a este film, como dos piezas que se complementan aunque sin guardar necesariamente una total sincronía. La voz en off se convierte en el hilo conductor de una historia surreal, fantástica, sobre extraños sucesos ocurridos en una casa abandonada. La acción remarcada con la presencia única de insectos, sombras, reflejos y lluvia, propone escenarios para los espacios descritos en el relato e invita a recrear los personajes y hechos allí narrados.

The House is a film based on the short story The Abandoned House by uruguayan cult writer Mario Levrero, written in 1970. The voiceover becomes the thread of the story to move around througth this mythical house in the Tigre Delta, called “La Paquita", built in 1922 by Catalan architects and sculptors, including Joseph Llimoná, Gaudi's disciple.

The film is divided into chapters, showing different spaces of the house and the surrounding land. Every place seems to be inhabited by strange characters that are studied by a group of people exploring the house, trying to understand these mysterious and bizarre actions.


Paola Michaels

Paola Michales is a visual artist from Bogota, Colombia. She lives and works in Buenos Aires since 2006. Her produccion is mainly focus in photography, video and mix media. She has done the experimental videos Lost worldPlancton and Chat of tears. In 2012 she directed The House, which recieved a production grant from the Arts National Found in Argentina and two Special Jury Awards at 9th La Plata Independent Film Festival (FestiFreak) and Bariloche Film Festival (FAB 2013).    

Selección Oficial 13º BAFICI

Selección Oficial Festival Nuevo Cine latinoamericano La Habana

Competencia Oficial 19º FLVR